The Inspiration Behind Taco Werewolf's
"Mitt Romney Oven Mitt, Enchilada
And Magic Underwear" Art Series

For those unfamiliar with the backwards "L" and the "V" depicted on the Mormon sacred temple garments ("magic underwear") in these paintings and on the green shirt I'm wearing in my photos, they were actually borrowed by Mormons from Freemasonry and represent the square and compass on the symbol on the right. Go here for more info.
9/7/12--Oven Mitts. Enchiladas. Magic Mormon Underwear. It was only after I had an unfortunate incident involving my OWN underwear that I saw how the three were connected. A few months ago I was watching Mitt Romney speak at an event on FOX News. I had a pan full of delicious enchiladas cooking in the oven. The aroma of the sweet, seasoned meat and tangy onions and peppers wrapped in soft tortillas smothered in succulent spicy sauce and covered in rich, warm melted cheddar cheese entered my nostrils. My belly started howling in lupine lust as my oven's timer went off and I prepared to get off my recliner to take my feast out of the oven to devour it.

But then something happened. Mitt Romney evoked his infamous, "Corporations are people, too" remark as I sat there immobile in front of the TV. I became transfixed. I was in an astonished trance, looking at Romney on TV, perplexed and shocked that he would actually say that! That a Presidential candidate could actually be so out of touch with normal, hard-working middle-class Americans that he would DARE attempt to humanize greedy incorporated big business run by stiff-suited, cold, calculating avaricious shadow councils that make billions off the backs of Americans who can't even manage to make a 50 cent profit when they hold a yard sale before getting kicked out of their home these days!

I only snapped out of my trance after smelling my enchiladas burning and hearing my smoke alarm go off! Hurriedly, I jumped from my recliner, wearing nothing but my tighty-whitey underwear briefs, ran into the kitchen and opened up my oven, squinting and grimacing as the smoke smothered my face. I looked around for something to use as a pot holder. I couldn't find anything so I had no choice but to pull my own underwear from my body to use to protect my hands as I pulled out the scorching hot ehchilada pan. I got my burnt enchiladas only half-way out out of the oven when the intense heat went right THROUGH the underwear I held between my hand and the pan! Then something dawned on me as I screamed in pain and, through the smoke, saw Mitt Romney's smiling handsome face still on the TV screen: if my underwear briefs had been MAGIC like those that Mormons like Mitt Romney wear, I might not have been burned! And furthermore, as I saw the name "MITT" scroll across the bottom of the screen I realized that I also wouldn't have been burned if I'd simply invested in an OVEN MITT and had it hanging conveniently by the oven at all times in the first place!

Oven Mitts. Enchiladas. Magic Mormon Underwear. It was only after this unfortunate incident involving my OWN underwear that I saw how the three were connected. But it is also this unfortunate, painful incident which I have decided to use as the inspiration for my "Oven Mitt Romney Enchilada and Magic Mormon Underwear" Painting Series, and for that I can only thank Mitt Romney for being such a delightful and delicious muse for Mexican food-inspired art.
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