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August 10th, 2012
"The First Appearance Of Oven Mitt Man" by Taco Werewolf

Original "Mitt Romney Oven Mitt, Enchilada, and Magic Underwear" series paintings are on sale! Check out The Taco Werewolf Art Store to see which ones are available!

18"x24" acrylic painting on 1/8" thick piece of Masonite
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mitt romney in magic underwear with oven mitt In a desperate attempt to lure Latino voters to his side and get at least 38% of their votes, Mitt Romney holds a rally on the White House lawn where he offers them free enchiladas. Suddenly, out of a giant can of hot sauce that Mitt was using as a prop, a muscle-bound superhero-esque figure rises out of the can of hot sauce! The man has only one eye, an oven mitt for a head, and is clothed in the magic underwear of Romney's Mormon faith!

It is then revealed to Mitt Romney that this "Oven Mitt Man" is his mystical Mormon spiritual master, that his nickname of "Mitt" is not short for "Mitchell" but is instead a reference to this oven mitt-headed spiritual being who has secretly been guiding Mitt Romney his whole life, having been summoned long ago by Romney's ancestors during a mysterious Mormon cult ritual. From Mitt Romney's early days at Stanford and Brigham Young to his years at Harvard; from his missionary stint promoting the Mormon faith in France to his lucrative Bain Capital days; from Massachusetts governor health care reform to Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney has had much more than his magic Mormon underwear protecting and guiding him the whole time. All this time, the mysterious "Oven Mitt Man" has been pulling his strings behind the scenes.

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