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August 24th, 2012
"Lettuce, Cheese, Tomato Is A Lie" by Taco Werewolf
Original "Mitt Romney Oven Mitt, Enchilada, and Magic Underwear" series paintings are on sale! Check out The Taco Werewolf Art Store to see which ones are available!

18"x24" acrylic painting on 1/8" thick piece of Masonite
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mitt romney in magic underwear with oven mitt Under control of the evil Mormon supernatural entity, "Oven Mitt Man," Presidential candidate Mitt Romney creates a media distraction by knowingly, falsely proclaiming to a nation for the most part ignorant of the tenets of Mormonism that the Trinity in their religion--instead of referring to The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost--actually refers to lettuce, cheese and tomato! It is falsely presented that the entirety of the Mormon faith is based upon a taco metaphor. That the foundation of a taco--the shell and the meat--symbolizes the earth, and the other garnishments--the additions of lettuce, cheese and tomato to a taco--interact with it in the same way God interacts with the world.

Mitt Romney, at a rally in Iowa attended by mostly Christian Protestants and peppered by a few Latino Catholics, uses this false Mormon Mexican Food Trinity doctrine to con the crowd into actually putting on magic Mormon underwear! Upon initially hearing the doctrine, the audience becomes confused and does not understand. It is then when Romney passes out pairs of the bizarre, sacred temple garments of the Mormon tradition. The people put them on, some pondering the lettuce; others lament at their distress over cheese; the others wax melancholic over their torturesome tomato trials until, after they have donned their magic underwear, as it covers their bodies and awakens their spirit and its wisdom, they see the Big Picture--the individual granishments become one with the meat and the shell-- and learn that it is synomymous with an even bigger and better-tasting TACO!

It is then revealed that the entire distraction was an exercise in mass psychological disinformation. For as millions of Americans stood around in their magic underwear meditating on the spiritual meaning of Mexican food as it relates to Mormonism, "Oven Mitt Man" had his evil Obama clone, 3iXi (named thus because his mutated Third Eye causes the genetic defect of his other two eyes being crossed) steal the White House from right under the REAL President Obama's nose!

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