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August 31st, 2012
"The Resurrection Of The Oven-Mitted Werewolves"
by Taco Werewolf
Original "Mitt Romney Oven Mitt, Enchilada, and Magic Underwear" series paintings are on sale! Check out The Taco Werewolf Art Store to see which ones are available!

18"x24" acrylic painting on 1/8" thick canvas board
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mitt romney in magic underwear with oven mittAfter winning the 2008 Presidential Election, Barack Obama graciously held out his hand to Republicans by inviting them to the annual White House Werewolf Fiesta, an event where Mexican food is served to the Washington Elite and a few select, token Latinos who serve in the community to honor the President's Elite--but seldom talked about--Werewolf Guard.

Attending the fiesta was governor Mitt Romney, still stinging from his defeat in the Republican primaries and so full of jealousy and resentment over Obama winning the election that he actually plotted to murder the Werewolf Guard. He went around mingling with the other guests, carrying a bowl full of delicious refried beans which he offered to the members of the Werewolf Guard--Harry Taco, Harry Burrito, Harry Gordita, Harry Nachos, Harry Salsa, Harry Chalupa, Harry Chimichanga and Harry Taquito--when he approached them. It was a jovial atmosphere full of optimism, patriotism and bi-partisan tolerance so, when the werewolves each ate a spoonful of Romney's refried beans, they had NO IDEA that they were eating the beans out of the SILVER spoon that Romney had kept since his own childbirth, the silver spoon he had in his mouth when he was born!

The silver spoon having killed the Werewolf Guard in 2008, in 2011 the evil Mormon supernatural entity and now spiritual master to Mitt Romney, "Oven Mitt Man" sneaks his way into a Whitehouse Werewolf Fiesta held as a memorial to the senselessly murdered Werewolf Guard, where he steals a taco from President Obama after he takes a bite from it! "Oven Mitt Man" then uses the President's DNA extracted from the taco to create an evil Obama Clone. The Obama clone is born with a genetic mutation which turns the often-used figurative expression suggesting Obama has a "Third Eye" to explain his sudden eerie appeal to the planet's masses, into a literal reality, an actual third eye on his forehead which, in turn, creates a genetic DEFECT in the Obama clone that makes his other two "normal" eyes CROSSED!

"Oven Mitt Man" muses to himself over the symbolic truth inherent in the Obama clone's eye condition as he decides to name his creation "3iXi" because "His Third Eye Makes Him Cross-Eyed!", extrapolating the symbolic meaning to infer the Third Eye represents the hopes and dreams of those once-intoxicated, now disillusioned, naive folks who voted for Obama in 2008, contrasted with the two crossed eyes, making Obama look like a disfigured, lost and frustrated freak, better representing the 2012 reality.

"Oven Mitt Man" then has Mitt Romney resurrect the Werewolf Guard using the mystical power of his specially-prepared Mormon enchilada sauce poured upon the werewolves' graves by his wives. 3iXi is appointed leader of the undead Werewolf Guard who are now totally under Mormon command, the mystical enchilada sauce seeping first into the graveyard dirt, then into the werewolves' bones and finally into their newly recreated fur and blood, effectively turning them into mindless lupine zombies ready to turn against the Democrats and get out the vote for ROMNEY!

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