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September 7th, 2012
"No Medicare For Old People Trapped In Tacos" by Taco Werewolf

18"x24" acrylic painting on 1/8" thick canvas board
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mitt romney in magic underwear with oven mitt Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan, immediately upon being announced as Mitt Romney's Vice-Presidential running mate, is taken by Romney into a secret chamber in the basement of an old Mormon cathedral where he is introduced to Romney's spiritual Mormon master and advisor on Enchilada Affairs, the supernatural entity, "Oven Mitt Man." "Oven Mitt Man" grills Paul Ryan on his favorite Mexican foods, whether or not--if Mitt Romney is elected President--he would support a bill in which rich people would be exempt from taxes when they buy five tacos or more from any of the nation's major Mexican fast food chains; and most important of all: would he wear magic Mormon underwear for the rest of the campaign and, if elected, throughout his entire tenure as Vice-President?

Ryan submits and puts on the magic underwear. Immediately upon doing so, the underwear gets rid of the aggravating heartburn he acquired after eating too many burritos earlier that day, and the healing experience gives him the idea to amend his budget proposal to get rid of Medicare entirely. He would instead give a pair of magic underwear to all Americans 62 or over to prevent them from ever getting ill and needing federally-funded medical assistance in the first place.

Of course, upon Romney being elected, the evil "Oven Mitt Man" has plans to use his Presidential and Vice-Presidential puppets to turn on the nation's senior citizens, trapping them in tacos and grinding them up into Mexican sausage to be shipped to the poor in Mexico and the American Southwest, marketed as a humanitarian effort but whose true purpose is to gain the support of Latinos in America which will, of course, come in handy when Mitt Romney is up for reelection in 2016.

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